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Why MLS Property Network (MLSPN) works for Home Sellers?

The MLSPN makes selling a property a truly unique experience by encouraging a high degree of co-operation among salespeople from many different companies. The results are exceptional. Why? Up to 90% of all buyers will normally move within a 5 mile radius of where they live now, so it is essential to have the greatest access to this group of important buyers. Whilst it is true that many agents can have the same buyers on their databases, it is impossible to have registered every purchaser that may buy a property.

Because the MLSPN has many member agents within this area, more viewings are generated. Effectively, this expands a home seller's sales force and exposes the property to a larger pool of buyers already registered on our local MLSPN member’s databases.

The end result is that more introduced buyers will create more demand for the property. The higher the demand, the more pricing power enjoyed by the homeowner - and the quicker a home will sell.